Cut Outs


Cut Outs can be made from colour, black and white or tinted photographs. We can work from a print, digital file or a negative. A standard single figure Cut Out normally measures approximately 7 inches tall although we can make a Cut Out any size to suit you.

Almost any subject will work and on the rare occasion we are sent something that will not work we will let you know. Full length standing figures, team, group photos, horses and dogs always work best. Sporting photographs especially equestrian, are brilliant. Be imaginative there is very little that won't work.

It is difficult to produce a fixed price list because we never know exactly what you are going to send us. The photos and guide prices below however will give you a very good idea as to the likely cost.

To order a Cut Out simply send us the digital image by e-mail to or post the photograph to us as in contact us. We will send you a quote by return.

Quick price Guide

Single figure Two Figures Horse & rider Two horses Group 6+ Group up to 6 House
£68.00 £73.00 £84.00 £86.00 £110.00 £95.00 £110.00

We will quote for every Cut Out before we make it. Prices here do NOT include the cost of scanning, printing or taking the photograph.

picture26 picture27

Single Figure Guide price £68.00

Single Figure Guide price £68.00

picture28 picture29

Single Figure Guide price £69.00

Double Figure Guide price £78.00

picture31 picture30

Double Figure Guide price £73.00

Triple Figure Guide price £85.00

picture32 picture33

Triple Figure Guide price £75.00

Quadruple Figure Guide price £89.00


Group 6 figures plus, price guide £110


Group 6 figures plus, price guide £110


Equestrian guide price £100.00


Equestrian Price guide £100.00

picture38 picture39

Double figure equestrian guide price £90.00

Double figure equestrian guide price £90.00

Important Note - Cut Outs

The Cut Outs we offer our school clients and the client's who have sittings at home, are a fixed price and can be found on the order form you received with your Photographs.

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