Insurance Photography

Now the digital era is well established there is absolutely no excuse at all for not photographing everything we own for insurance purposes.

Have you ever imagined standing on a heap of damp black smelly ash, in the shell of what used to be your beautiful home, trying to persuade a skeptical and bolshy insurance assessor that your house used to be full of the most precious and beautiful things.

New technology has now made it possible to photograph every item and every room in the average 7 bedroom house in under 4 hours. There is no security risk as results are never stored anywhere except on 2 discs which we will hand you on our departure. Should the worst ever happen you will have a photograph of every item you once owned, even the ones you have forgotten about and the insurance company will have no option but to pay up: as long as you are insured of course!

Our charge to provide this service is 85.00 per hour plus travel costs of .58 pence per mile. If you would like more information about this service please telephone Richard Greenly on 01488685256. We understand the confidential nature of this type of work and will always strive to be 100% security minded at all times.

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