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Photographic Sittings
Photo Printing
Large laminated prints
Canvas Prints
Montage prints
Cut Outs
Contact Sheets
Mug shots
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Locketts of Hungerford
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Photographic Sittings

At Home Sittings - Full family portrait sittings in your own home, throughout the UK - From £450.00
Studio Sittings - Full studio sittings at our Hungerford studios - From £399.00
School Sittings - Standard and full sittings at various schools - From £60.00

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Photo Printing

We care enormously about the quality of our re-prints; they are what our reputation is built on. We want them to be the best they can be and we also want them to live for a 100 years, which is why we do all our own printing, mounting and framing in our Hungerford studios.

UnMountPict MountPict FramedMountPict.jpg - 9453 Bytes

Un-mounted prints

Mounted prints

Mounted and Framed Print

Photographs can be ordered with or without a mount. The standard mount is 1Ό inch wide and is ivory in colour and many other colours are available on request. The mounting is permanent and recommended as it keeps the photo safe, shows it off to the best effect and stops it sticking to the glass when framed.

We are happy to make prints of any size at all, variations from the standard below, will be quoted for. A vast range of frames are available and can be viewed on our framing website:-

Standard, Single Re-Print Sizes and Prices

Print size With Mount No Mount Print size With Mount No Mount
6x4" £17.20 £14.70 10x12" £41.00 £34.50
7x5" £24.95 £22.45 16x12" £56.00 £49.50
8x6" £25.95 £23.45 20x16" £80.00 £69.50
9x6" £26.95 £24.45 20x24" £95.00 £84.50
10x8" £28.00 £25.50 30x24" £139.00 £128.50

Quantity Discount for packs of 6, 9 & 12 Un-Mounted photos

Duplicate packs 6x4" 7x5" 8x6" Mixed packs 6x4" 7x5" 8x6"
Pack of 6 prints £70.56 £107.75 £112.55 Pack of 6 prints £77.60 £118.50 £123.80
Pack of 9 prints £105.85 £161.64 £163.35 Pack of 9 prints £116.46 £177.80 £185.70
Pack of 12 prints £141.12 £215.50 £225.10 Pack of 12 prints £155.30 £237.00 £247.60
Duplicate means all the same print Mixed means a mixture of prints

Quantity Discount for packs of 6, 9 & 12 Mounted photos

Duplicate packs 6x4" 7x5" 8x6" Mixed packs 6x4" 7x5" 8x6"
Pack of 6 prints £85.55 £122.75 £127.55 Pack of 6 prints £92.60 £133.50 £138.80
Pack of 9 prints £128.35 £184.15 £185.85 Pack of 9 prints £138.95 £200.30 £208.20
Pack of 12 prints £171.12 £245.50 £225.10 Pack of 12 prints £185.30 £267.00 £277.60
Duplicate means all the same print Mixed means a mixture of prints

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This is a process where the extremities of a photograph fade into white. It is ideal for bringing a little old fashioned formality to a portrait taken in the studio and also for isolating a figure from the background in outside photography.

83e 19e 24e 50e

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Sepia and other tints

In this digital age don’t just settle for BW or Colour there are hundreds of other effects and tints that we can apply to your photographs so let your imagination go wild. Most effects will not cost extra.

3.Faded-Colour 3.-Full-Colour 5.-Contrasty-Colour 5.-Desaturated-Colour

Faded Colour

Full Colour

Contrast Colour

Desaturated Colour

1.-Subdued-Colour 1.-Very-warm-Colour 2.Low-Contrast-sepia 2-Low-Contrast-BW

Subdued Colour

Very Warm Colour

Low Contrast Sepia

Low Contrast Black & White

4.-Full-Colour 4-Old-Colour 6.BW 6.-Pinky-Sepia

Full Colour

Old Colour

Black & White

Pinky Sepia

8.-BW 8.-Desaturatyed--Sepia 9.-A-hint-of-Sepia 9-Cold-BW

Black & White

Desaturatyed Sepia

A hint of Sepia

Cold Black & White

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picture08 picture09

A very popular product which can be of any size and framed in either a contemporary or traditional frame. they can be taken during an At Home sitting or a Studio sitting. Let us know you want silhouettes before the sitting takes place. The cost of taking individual silhouettes during a Studio sitting is £10.00 per head and during an At Home sitting is £20.00 per head:-

picture10 picture11

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Large laminated prints on 12mm board

picture13 picture14 picture12

Choose any of the photographs from your sitting and we can enlarge them up to at least 30 x 24 inches. We then laminate the photograph and bond on to 12mm board. Available with a black or natural edge.

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms, pool houses, passages and conservatories. If they get dirty just take them down and wipe them clean.

8x6" 10x8" 12x10" 16x12" 20x16" 24x20" 30x20" 30x24"
£39.50 £42.00 £59.50 £89.80 £109.85 £131.90 £154.50 £175.50

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picture16 picture17 picture15

The "Chunkie" is 2 inches thick and the photograph wraps right around the edge of the frame. This is a popular display method for contemporary spaces. A black and white, colour or sepia photograph is given a canvas texture and then stretched over the box like frame. Easy to clean and hang.

20x16" 24x20" 30x20" 30x24" 40x30"
£228.00 £281.00 £310.00 £334.00 £436.00

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Canvas Prints on a Stretcher

picture18 picture19

This is the traditional real canvas mounted print and is available in black and white, colour or sepia. Designed to be framed although the stretcher can be modified to hang without a frame. There are many inexpensive imitations available but this one is built to last a 100 years not 10.

Available as Real Canvas on a stretcher (12mm thick) as shown above or as a Canvas Effect on a 5mm or 12mm board ready to hang or frame.

  16x12" 20x16" 24x20" 30x20" 30x24"
True Canvas £168.00 £213.00 £279.50 £297.50 £337.00
Canvas Effect £128.00 £160.00 £178.00 £195.00 £221.00

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Montage prints

picture20 picture21 picture22 picture23 picture24

A montage is a selection of black and white, tinted or colour photos arranged and printed as one photograph on one sheet of photographic paper. Designed to hang rather than stand. Any size is possible, 20x16" and 20x24" being the most popular. Recently we have been making some very large ones for contemporary spaces and this has given an old fashioned idea a very modern feel.

Studio shots with a plain background produce the cleanest looking results and you can choose as many photos as you wish. Odd numbers works best and the Montage is priced on the number of photos it contains and not the size. With montages BIG is definitely beautiful.

The frame and display choice is enormous, see

Prices for 20 x 30 inches or smaller are below, for larger sizes up to 6x4 feet ask for quote.

5 Photo Montage £180.50 7 Photo Montage £253.00 9 Photo montage £281.00
11 Photo Montage £330.00 13 Photo Montage £390.00 15 Photo montage £452.00

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Cut Outs


Cut Outs can be made from colour, black and white or tinted photographs. We can work from a print, digital file or a negative. A standard single figure Cut Out normally measures approximately 7 inches tall although we can make a Cut Out any size to suit you.

Almost any subject will work and on the rare occasion we are sent something that will not work we will let you know. Full length standing figures, team, group photos, horses and dogs always work best. Sporting photographs especially equestrian, are brilliant. Be imaginative there is very little that won’t work.

It is difficult to produce a fixed price list because we never know exactly what you are going to send us. The photos and guide prices below however will give you a very good idea as to the likely cost.

To order a Cut Out simply send us the digital image by e-mail to or post the photograph to us as in contact us. We will send you a quote by return.

Quick price Guide

Single figure Two Figures Horse & rider Two horses Group 6+ Group up to 6 House
£68.00 £73.00 £84.00 £86.00 £110.00 £95.00 £110.00

We will quote for every Cut Out before we make it. Prices here do NOT include the cost of scanning, printing or taking the photograph.

picture26 picture27

Single Figure Guide price £68.00

Single Figure Guide price £68.00

picture28 picture29

Single Figure Guide price £69.00

Double Figure Guide price £78.00

picture31 picture30

Double Figure Guide price £73.00

Triple Figure Guide price £85.00

picture32 picture33

Triple Figure Guide price £75.00

Quadruple Figure Guide price £89.00


Group 6 figures plus, price guide £110


Group 6 figures plus, price guide £110


Equestrian guide price £100.00


Equestrian Price guide £100.00

picture38 picture39

Double figure equestrian guide price £90.00

Double figure equestrian guide price £90.00


Pets four figure price guide £75.00   A single figure of dog would be £65.00


House price guide £100.00 -£110.00

Important Note – Cut Outs

The Cut Outs we offer our school clients and the client's who have sittings at home, are a fixed price and can be found on the order form you received with your Photographs.

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Contact Sheets


Nowadays most of our proofs are put Online and the contact sheet appears to be coming a thing of the past.

We are happy to make up standard 10x8” clean contact sheets (no numbers) filled with your favourite 16 shots at £25.50 un-mounted.

We also can produce enlarged contact sheets for framing as follows:-

20x24 inches un-mounted at £84.50
16x20 inches un-mounted at £69.50

To order enlarged contact sheets please call the office with a list of photos required.

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Mug shots


There is often a requirement nowadays for passport sized photos for the myriad of forms we are required to complete. UCAS forms and driving licenses etc. We can make passport sized photos from many of the photos we take during a normal sitting.

These are not suitable for use in passports.

Pack of 5 Pack of 10 Pack of 15 Pack of 20
£18.00 £23.20 £28.35 £33.50

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Christmas Cards


We are happy to make high quality Christmas or greetings cards with using photo printed results or the less expensive digitally printed cards.

Choose any photograph, black and white or colour from a sitting this year or provide your own photo and we will reproduce it for you as a Christmas card. Remember the photograph does not have to be of children. Horses, dogs, family groups and houses are all very popular ideas.

The cards and envelopes are of the highest quality as is the reproduction of the photograph.

If you would rather make your own card we are more than happy to produce quantities of photographs at discounted prices and we can also provide the blank cards.

With the digital revolution in full swing it is now possible to order very inexpensive cards from various internet sites and if you would like us to arrange to have your card printed by one of these firms we will willingly arrange it for you. Contact us on 01488685256 for full details.

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The kitchen collage is fiddly and time consuming to make. Send us your photos or digital files and we will design and make the collage for you in the digital format (A below).

It can then be printed as one photo at any size at a fraction the cost of the original (B below).

It can also be framed, made as a large laminate, a canvas print, or put on magnetic board for the fridge.

Alternatively make your own, send it to us and we will digitize it for £32.50. You can then order prints at any size. (B below)

Quantity Photos 20 30 40 60 80 100
(A) Scan & design £90.00 £112.50 £138.50 £173.50 £205.50 £239.50
Collage size 8x6" 10x8" 12x10" 16x12" 20x16" 20x24"
(B) Print cost £10.50 £12.95 £17.95 £25.25 £35.80 £46.00

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Locketts of Hungerford


Locketts is a frame and album company run by my wife and myself. Our products are sold by mail order through a catalogue, our website and a retail outlet in Hungerford.

We sell an enormous range of both traditional and contemporary frames and albums, many of which are made in our Hungerford workshops.

This on site business gives Richard Greenly Photography an unfair advantage as we can cut out the middle man and supply a lot of your frames direct from the manufacturer.

We also run a bespoke framing workshop, so if we don't have what you want in our catalogue or website, give us a call and we will make it for you in as little as 48 hours.

To get your copy call us on 01488 685256 or visit our website –

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Other Services

Here are some of the other services we provide on this site, click the links to get full details.

Photography Courses – Basic, Practical and Advanced. We also do bespoke tuition days

Weddings – Large and small throughout the UK and Europe.

Adult Portraiture – Throughout the UK or in our Hungerford Studios.

Christenings – Within a 150 mile radius of Hungerford.

Restoration & Copying – Photographs, Albums, Slides, Cine film, Video, Oils and Artwork.

Architectural Photography – Houses and Estates for sale and commercial property.

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