We produce all wedding photographs within 16 working days of the wedding. In the initial instant they are sent to you loose so you can view them and remove those that you do not wish to appear in your album. On their return all photographs are permanently fixed into our standard wedding album in the order in which they were taken unless otherwise requested.


This is the standard method and is all included in the package price. All photographs you select are permanently fixed into our standard wedding album which is the Locketts scrap book and contains a suitable and variable number of pages. We leave a few pages at the end of the book empty. This allows you to include some of your own photographs, invitations and e-mails etc.

You are advised to give us a copy of wedding invitations and menus etc so we can include these in your album. Next to each photograph we put a small reference number, which enables you to reorder easily, this can be removed when no longer required.. The front of each book is Gold Blocked with the Christian names of the Bride and Groom, together with the wedding date.


(Note extra charges)

This method is designed for those of you who want a slightly more luxurious presentation. It is based on Large Landscape Locketts or Large Portrait Locketts albums, rather than our standard wedding album, which is the Locketts scrap book.

In this method all photographs you select are permanently fixed into the albums of your choice exactly as described in method A above, except no pages are left empty. These books although more substantial than the Locketts scrap book contains fewer pages. Therefore wedding package A and B require two books while package C can require three books.

The first book you choose will cost as follows: -

Large Landscape - 55.00 - Large Portrait - 60.00- Medium Landscape - 48.00

Subsequent books including Gold Blocking and compilation are charged at 125.00 each.

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