If we are to get the best possible photographs of your house for the sale particulars, we need your help. Please read the following guidelines and comply where at all possible as this will enable the photographer to complete his task with the least possible delay and fuss.

Remember it is difficult for the photographer to make a timed appointment to photograph the exteriors of your house because of the uncertainty of the English weather. We will always give you as much warning as possible but usually it will be a case of can we come today? It is therefore always better to be prepared for a sudden visit.

  1. Your house needs to be photographed on a beautiful blue day with puffy white clouds. These are few and far between so please make every effort to allow the photographer access on his chosen day. If you are not personally available try to nominate someone who can allow the photographer access to the garden and house.
  2. Spring cleaning is not necessary but rooms for photography should be tidy, uncluttered and in a reasonable state of repair. A bowl of flowers is nice but not a necessity.
  3. Please be aware that photographing interiors is time consuming and each interior will take approximately 20 minutes.
  4. The outside areas that are due to be photographed should be clean and tidy. Please ensure that builder's rubble, skips, immobile cars, horse boxes etc. are removed from the site.
  5. Swimming pools where at all possible should be clean and uncovered. Rolled covers should be removed from sight.
  6. Cars should be parked out of sight and climbing frames that would spoil the main view of the house should be moved.
  7. Obvious structural defects on the outside of the house, such as broken tiles and windows should where possible be repaired.
  8. The grass should be fairly recently cut. It is however not worth missing a blue day because it was not cut yesterday!
  9. If you are going to be away from the house on a nice day, please leave the garden and exterior of the house as described above. Please also leave all curtains, shutters and blinds open. All windows should be shut.

During periods of good weather, house photographers are very busy and it is important that your property is constantly ready for a visit.

Please therefore let Richard Greenly Photography Ltd (01488 685 256) know if there are any reasons why they should not visit your property. This will ensure that we do not make any expensive abortive visits.

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