copyright policy

Unless otherwise negotiated with Richard Greenly Photography Ltd (RGP Ltd) the copyright of all images taken by RGP Ltd and all staff employed by RGP Ltd will remain the property of RGP Ltd.

It is therefore illegal to reproduce, copy, alter or transmit any image belonging to RGP Ltd without their consent.

We are keen for our images to be used and very seldom deny consent to use our images but we like to be asked!

When giving the right to copy, publish or transmit an image we always do so in writing and if you are not in possession of written consent you have no rights to that image.

If you are in any doubt at all as to what you can do with one of our images please consult us. 01488685256.

our right to publish

RGP Ltd will never publish any of the images we own, that have been commissioned by a third party without firstly consulting the 3rd party.

The only exception to this rule is the publication of these images in our own advertising material whether it be brochures or a website.

We retain the right to use any image of which we own the copyright for our own advertising purposes.

We understand that some people would not want photos of their children used in this way and if this is the case you should call our office and asked to be put in our NO PUBLICATION FILE. These details are also laid out in a letter accompanying all proofs.

If you do not opt out we will feel free to use your images without further consultation.

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