Advanced Practical Photography Course

This is a one-day course and runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm plus an extra hour from 4.30-5.30pm for those who wish to stay on for a bit of private tuition.

This course takes place at my home and garden, 8 miles south of Hungerford. A map will be included with all joining instructions.

The cost of our courses is £185.00 and there is a 10% reduction for all 18s and under. This price includes a very good lunch, all tuition, a full set of notes and VAT. Real cost of tuition is therefore approximately £135.00 per head.

This course is for amateurs and is ideal for those who have already attended our Basic Course and those of you who are able to use your cameras in the manual mode. Skilled amateurs will also gain a lot from this course as we will be taking photographs in situations you will not necessarily have used before.

The day will start with a short revision in the classroom on the basics such as exposure, light and the various modes on SLR cameras. The rest of the day will be spent using your camera on location in a garden and house setting. You will come across all the problems you face while photographing at home and learn how to overcome them or make the best of them.

We will go through exposures and light, choosing locations in and out, posing, candid shots, handling the subject and also operating your camera quickly while on the move. You will set up and take many different shots with your own camera and we then talk through the results.

The ideal camera for this course is a 35mm SLR camera either film or digital or a Bridge Camera.

This will be a thoroughly informal, friendly, practical and hands on day. I recommend it.

Programme for the day

09.30 - 10.00am
10.00 - 11.00am
11.00 - 11.59am
12.00 - 12.45pm
12.45 -   1.45pm
  2.00 -   3.00pm
  3.00 -   4.30pm
  4.30 -   5.30pm
- Coffee and Tea. Please be punctual. It is not that easy to find!!
- Short revision on basics. Taking light readings and setting camera manually.
- Using the garden for portraiture. Part 1
- Using out buildings and stables for portraiture.
- Lunch.
- Using the garden for portraiture. Part 2
- Practical photography inside the house.
- Questions from the students. Leave when you wish.

Because the take up for this course is not very high we do not publish dates until we have 5 students who are interested. If you would like to enroll on this course please either call to be put on the waiting list or check to see if we have a planned date which will appear in the Course Dates and Status page.

If you would like to get to grips with your camera in a one to one situation, please visit our Bespoke Courses section.

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