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We will be visiting the school several times in both the Lent and Summer term this year to photograph individual boys and groups. Please book NOW so that you do not miss us!

Studio Sittings...........................................................................£69.50

Individual sittings take approximately 12 - 15 minutes and from this we will produce 15 first class portraits in a choice of black and white or colour.

If a boy is having a sitting and would like photos with some of his friends, we are happy to do this FREE of charge. It is the responsibility of the sitter to organise his friends.

Within 3 weeks of the sitting we will display a set of 15 or more proof photographs on a secure page on our website for viewing and ordering. The order form that accompanies your proofs will have a full description and price list for all products available to you.

Change of Clothes:

Photos in sports clothes or school colours are always very successful so feel free to bring a change of clothes along (Add £15 to sitting fee, per change of clothes).

Outside Sittings (New this year).............................................£145.50

During our outside sittings we take a selection of full length, three quarter length and head and shoulder portraits either in the gardens of your sons boarding house or in the garden of The Park (boarding house). Sittings take approximately 20 - 30 minutes and from this we will produce between 30 and 40 portraits for you to choose from.

Within 3 weeks of the sitting we will display a set of your proof photographs on a secure page on our website for viewing and ordering. The order form that accompanies your proofs will have a full description and price list for all products available to you.

Group Sittings (6 or more sitters).............................................Free

Monitors & Societies

We are very happy to take a group photograph of some or all of the School Monitors & other societies.

One delegate from each group should organise the sitting with us and we will give him the access details to distribute, for the online proofs. Please give us a call on 01488 685256 if you are interested.


Last year, several House Masters organised for their leavers to have a Cut Out photo taken and the results have been incredibly popular, with an opportunity to have both formal and informal photos taken.

If you are keen to get a leavers photo done for your house please get in touch (01488 685256) to make an appointment during one of our visits.


Notes to Parents

To ensure Housemasters are in no way burdened by the administration of this activity, all bookings and financial arrangements are to be made directly with this office.

If you would like your Son/Sons included in one of the photographic sessions in either the Lent or Summer term of 2014, please complete and return a booking form per boy to this office, by no later than the end of the third week of the appropriate term.

Once bookings are made we will send a letter to each boy, containing the necessary instructions to ensure he knows when and where the sitting will take place. We totally understand that there are many calls on a boy's time at Harrow and if he is unable to make the appointment offered, all he has to do is let us know at least 4 hours before the sitting and we will offer him an alternative.

Please act now if you wish your son to be photographed during 2014. Last year quite a few leavers missed out because they left it too late. Do it now, for either term and then it's done!


Our Cut Outs are made by mounting a photograph onto a piece of 3mm wood and then carefully cutting around the out line of the photograph. The resulting statuete will be about 7 inches high and is fixed into a small black, oak plinth with a baize base.

Each Cut Out is handmade in our workshops and is designed to last for many years.

Single Figure Cut Out................................£82.20
Double Figure Cut Out..............................£89.50
Croup Cut Out (up to 5 sitters)...................£98.75
Croup Cut Out (5 or more sitters)..............£117.50


10x8" Un-mounted photograph £24.40 10x8" Mounted photograph £26.90
8x6" Un-mounted photograph £22.50 8x6" Mounted photograph £25.00
7x5" Un-mounted photograph £21.55 7x5" Mounted photograph £24.05

All of our photos are printed individually in our lab, onto archival quality, lustre photo paper.

We are able to provide prints of all sizes, both mounted and unmounted as well as prints with the Harrow School emblem (seen here).

We also provide a vast range of other products for displaying you photographs, such as our NEW personalised china (below).



We have a vast range of frames available for you to view online:

Whats more, if you can't find one that you like we have our own framing workshop, and so chances are we can source and make the frame for you. Give us a call on 01488 685256.

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