School Portrait Photography

Some years ago Richard Greenly Photography Ltd introduced a new concept in private School Photography. This service is aimed at independent schools only and at parents who want more choice, more personal input and higher quality results than is generally available in most schools.

The system is very simple and totally voluntary. Those schools who take part agree to send out a brochure or letter each year to all parents offering them a 10-15 minute private sitting with Richard Greenly Photography.

Those Parents who wish to take part simply complete a booking form and return it to the photographer with the appropriate fee. Sittings then take place at school during the autumn, lent or summer terms. The choice of term, clothing, composition and whether the photos are taken in black and white or colour, belongs to the Parent.

Within 3 weeks of the sitting, parents will be sent 15 proof photographs on a contact sheet and an order form. All orders for photographs are then made directly to the photographer.

The following schools are at present signed up to this private portrait service. Their brochures and booking forms can be accessed by clicking the appropriate school below or click the appropriate name on the left of the screen.

If you have a child at any of these schools and have not received a brochure or letter, please complete and return the appropriate booking form which you will find on your school's web page and submit it to us. If you have any questions at all please contact Richard Greenly on 01488685256.

If you have a child at any other independent school and you would like the school to make use of this exclusive service, please approach the Headmaster or Headmistress. We will respond to any query they make.

If school authorities require further information on this service, I suggest they read one of the School brochures above and then contact Richard Greenly on 01488 685256. The joy of this system from the school's point of view is that apart from sending out a brochure (which we produce and pay for) and providing a room, there is NO extra administration burden on the school.

The feedback we have received from the parents and staff alike is very positive indeed and over 35% of those who receive the brochure annually, book a sitting.


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