Portrait photographs at Heathfield

This service is entirely optional and operates for all year groups on selected afternoons during the Spring and Summer Terms.

It is important to note that these are not the archetypal school photographs you are perhaps used to. We aim is to produce very high quality portraits in black and white and colour which will last a lifetime. The mood we set out to capture is more one of photos "at home" rather than school photos. See photos below.

Sittings are kept as informal as possible within a studio setting at Heathfield and will last approx 10-15 minutes each. During the sitting we will take enough photographs to produce a minimum of 15 good proof photographs; both half length and head and shoulders portraits. Within three weeks of the sitting we send you a contact sheet from which you can select your photographs. See the photograph re-order form on the top of this page for a description and price of our products.

Photographs are available in both black and white and colour and the proofs will be produced in black and white unless you request otherwise on the booking form above.


All girls can be photographed in Home Clothes of their choice, their school uniform or selected sports clothes. Please state your requirements on the booking form.


If two or more sisters are both having individual sittings, we are very happy to take some photographs of them together and these joint photographs are free of charge.

If only one sister is being photographed individually and you would like some shots of her with her sister, we are happy to do this within the 15 shots of one individual sitter. If however you would like a 2nd contact sheet of 15 photographs of them both together, please request a second contact sheet in the “special requests” area of the order form. This will add £40.00 to the sitting fee.

leavers groups

If a leaver is having a sitting and if as part of that sitting she would like a couple of photographs with some of her special friends (maximum 4), we are happy to do this at no extra charge within the initial sitting or add a second set of photos as in the Sisters paragraph above. Please add details to "special requests". The girl in question should ensure that her friends are available at the appointed hour.

cut outs

A Cut Out is made by mounting a photograph on a piece of 3mm thick wood then very carefully cutting around the outline of the photo and mounting the resulting statuette on a small plinth with a baize base. This process is ideal for full-length subjects, especially those in school uniform or sports clothes.


The cost of the sitting to include photography, proofs, postage, packing and VAT is as follows: -

  • A standard black and white or colour sitting is £69.50

The basic products are as follows: -

10x8" Un-mounted photograph £24.40 10x8" Mounted photograph £26.90
8x6" Un-mounted photograph £22.50 8x6" Mounted photograph £25.00
7x5" Un-mounted photograph £21.55 7x5" Mounted photograph £24.05
  Single figure CUT OUT £82.20   Double Figure CUT OUT £89.50

To ensure the School is in no way burdened by the administration of this activity, all bookings and financial arrangements should be made direct with this office.


Those wishing to take part in the Summer term 2011 should now complete and return our booking form. This must reach us by no later than the 2nd week of the appropriate term. Please don't delay, do it now and then you can't forget!! Quite a lot of parents missed the boat last summer term because with everything else going on they forgot to send in the form on time.

Once bookings are made and confirmed we will send each girl taking part a letter giving date, time, venue and clothing instructions, (a copy will also be sent the parents).

attendance for appointments

The attendance rate at Heathfield is very good indeed. We totally understand that the girls are busy people and we are more than happy for them to e-mail or telephone us to change, postpone or make specific appointments at the last minute. It is however important that they tell us if they cannot attend an offered appointment. If they fail to attend without letting us know, we try hard to find another space for them on our next visit, but it is not always possible. Please where possible, remind your children of their appointment.

digital proofs and high resolution images

Your proofs are supplied on contact sheets. If asked we will supply digital proofs via e-mail but these are low resolution images and are all marked with a bold copyright mark. There will be an admin charge of £15.00 per 15 proofs. Those who lose their contact sheets and request replacement sheets or digital proofs will also be charged this fee.

If you have any questions, requests or ideas, please do telephone my office at any time, 01488 685256 or e-mail: mail@richardgreenlyphoto.co.uk

Best wishes


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