Tour dates 2015

Our tour dates this year for "At Home sittings" in the UK are indicated on the map below.

If you would like a sitting this year, Call Belinda on 01488685256, e-mail her at or complete our online booking and enquiry form.

If your area is not given or the dates don't suit, don't worry, give us a call anyway as the areas given can only be a guideline and our itinerary is constantly changing to meet the main areas of demand.

Save literally hundreds of £ss

Just organise 1 or 2 other families in your local area for the same day.

Book a sitting with one other family living locally (not more than 40 minutes away) and get a 12% reduction on both sittings or even better book two other families and get a whopping 20% off all three sittings. That a saving of £102 each on a 3 child sitting. Call us as we can suggest families in your area who may be interested.


Tour Dates

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