Travel Charges

Occasionally I am asked why we charge for our travel. It's a fair question and it's a charge we hate to make but when you look at it from our point of view, it is I am afraid a very necessary evil.

I cover the whole country on my annual photographic tours; annually driving approximately 35 to 40,000 miles for my client's at a cost to me of approximately 73p per mile (see AA chart). This does not include the cost of the 925 unproductive hours, (33 days!!) I sit behind the wheel of my car and on top of that I also stay approximately 40 nights a year, in hotels.

The expense of all this travel and accommodation is enormous and sadly we have to offset at least some of it. We do NOT charge for accommodation or hours spent behind the wheel. We do however charge per mile travelled at 75.5 pence which is, where possible* shared by 3 families, which works out at 25p per mile per family photographed and that is 25 per 100 miles travelled which we feel is more than fair. If you would rather send a car for me, I would be delighted!!

Please remember that you can help us to keep your travel charge as low as possible by seeing if there is anyone else in your local area (35 minutes) who would like a sitting on the same day and this will half your travel costs. See Special Offers.

*If you would like a quote for travel before the sitting is booked, please give us a call on 01488 685256.

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